Casal Gonzalez, Manuel.


k-Casal González, Manuel (Casal, Manuel; González, Manuel); b. January 12, , 1916, Tampa, Florida; Father Manuel Francisco Casal; mother Maria González Valles; Returned to Spain with his sister Rosa and their maternal grandparents to Oviedo from New York aboard the Chicago; Was a prisoner in Presidio Los Escolapios in Bilbao; Family friend Isidor B. Velasco wrote a letter to Congressman J. Hardin Peterson; May 9, 1938 baptismal certificate sent to State Department; July 1, 1938 Casal González sends telegram to State Department informing them that he had been sentenced to death and was being held in Gijón, Asturias; July 11, 1939 he was executed.
Sibling: sister Rosa González.
Sources: Reterrar.
Photograph: Reterrar.