Shufer, Max.


Shufer, Max. (Rabinowitz, Irving; “Rabbit”); Jewish; POW; Graduated from Morris High School then attended the City College of New York, graduating with a BS, Phi Beta Kappa, also attended MIT and Commonwealth College in Mena, Arkansas; Single; Student; YCL 1935, branch president; Domicile 1113 Grant Avenue, Bronx, New York; Travelled to Spain on a Passport under the name of Irving Rabinowitz; 21 years old; Arrived in Spain via Massanet on July 11, 1937; Attended OTS, then to the XV Brigade, Lincoln-Washington Battalion, MG Co., Section Leader; Rank Cabo; Captured during the Retreats; Exchanged April 22, 1939; Returned to the US on June 23, 1939 aboard the Manhattan; WWII Civilian, employed as a Physicist at the National Bureau of Standards; d. March 31, 2006, Pawling, New York.
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Photograph: Max Shufer, April 27, 1997, by Richard Bermack.