Schneller, Maxim Rolfe, Dr..


Schneller, Maxim Rolfe, Dr. b. September 17, 1887, Wahpetow, North Dakota; Ships Doctor; Sailed October 26, 1937 aboard the Washington; claimed 25 years to Socialist Party; Arrived in Spain on November 3, 1937; Assigned to Service Sanitaier, Rank Captain; “Enganador y estafador” [“swindler and con man”] expelled from Spain June 18, 1938; Claimed to be an American; Uncertain Fate; Appears to have returned to the US on July 21, 1939 aboard the Bremen under the name Max Schneller a German national (he was originally scheduled to sail on the Dutchess of York); Noted claimed to be a doctor of neurology and given rank of Captain, came to Spain without a passport
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Photograph: Max Schneller in Spain, RGASPI Fond 545, Opis 6, Delo 982.