Krassavin, Michael.


His parents emigrated from Russia to England where he was born. They then emigrated to the United States when he was ten years old. They settled in Detroit, MI. He was raised Catholic, but when he became a POW, he had asked a Catholic priest for help (of what kind, he never told my aunt or mother) and the priest spat at him. From then on he was estranged from the Catholic church and when he met my grandmother (Lorraine Ratke)he followed her to the Lutheran church. He worked for the Ford auto company until he moved to Milwaukee, WI in 1938/39. He married my grandmother in 1941 in Milwaukee, WI. He was a Volunteer with the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. He was a POW in 1928 at the San Pedro Cardena Cincentration Camp. -Submitted by Liz Roesch, granddaughter of Michael Kassavin