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Michaelides, Antonis Thrasivoulou. (Mackay, Anthony); b, May 1, 1909, Kyrenia District, Cyprus, Naturalized May 4. 1936; father Thrasivoulou Michaelides, mother Maria Thrasivoulou; Waiter; CPUSA, Pankypriaki; 202 East 44th Street, NYC; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln-Washington BN, After leaving Spain he was placed in a French concentration camp; Returned to US possibly as a stowaway; settled in Massachusetts, changed last name to Michaels, joinedUS Maritime Service [Navy? Or Merchant Marine likely later] served aboard SS Frederic Victory and SS Hydra in 1945; Married Joan, one daughter Elizabeth Michaels; d, 2002; changed name to Mackay on initial entry to US forced to anglicize name.
Source: Cypriot. Code A1
Photograph: Antonis Michaelides, a Spanish Volunteer and Jacovos Koumoullos., Greek Volunteers in Spain, Memorial Album, New York: Spartacus.