Jiminez, Mike.


Jimenez, Mike (Jimenez y Martinez, Miguel Angel); b. 1917, Harlem, New York; Spanish American; Education through the 8th grade; Family left the US during the Great Depression after the family lost their farm in San Jose, California; Initially moved to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; After the election of the Republican government in Spain the family moved to Spain; Served in the Republican Armed Forces; Left Spain in 1939 and was interred in a French camp; Made his way to the American consulate in Bordeaux and returned to the US, lived in NYC; WWII joined the US Army after Pearl Harbor, 82nd Airborne, served in North Africa and Sicily, rose to Master Sergeant before receiving a battlefield commission; Transferred to the OSS and worked behind the lines in Northern Italy; left the military as a Captain after receiving the Legion of Merit; d. October 14, 1991.
Source: Roy Jimenez, Michael Angelo (né Miguel Angel) Jimenez, 1917-1991, Open Salon, June 17, 2010 [No longer posted]  Code A