Pekow, Milton.


k-Pekow, Milton. b. Russia (had a false birth certificate stating he was born in the US), to the US in 1921; Russian American; CP 1926; Received Passport # 4721, Chicago series, on January 6, 1937 which listed his address as 3928 Wilcox Street, Chicago, Illinois; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN; Killed in action February 27, 1937, Jarama; Brother of Herman Pekow.
Siblings: brothers Herman Pekow, Phil Pekow.
Clipping:  3 Chicago Communists Die for Spanish People Daily Worker May 27, 1937, p. 2 Illinois District of Party Pledges to Honor Their Memory by Giving All Possible Aid to Spanish Democracy CHICAGO, May 26. – "Expressing its sorrow at the death of thee of its comrades in Spain, the Illinois District of the Communist Party made the following pledge to “Our Fallen Comrades”: “The State Committee of the Illinois Communist Party expresses its grief at the death of Comrade Sam Horzich, Milton Pekow and John Kunz. Members of our Party, when the great call came they were among the first to volunteer unhesitatingly to join the ranks of the Great People’s Army which is battling the beast of fascism on the fields and mountains of Spain." "They died the death of heroes. But, though we mourn their death we pledge to avenge them by working to aid Spanish democracy in every moral and material way at our disposal, by forging a mass Communist Party in the State of Illinois, and by building the circulation of the Daily Worker, the paper which has been the staunchest fighter for the cause for which they gave their lives, the cause of Spanish and World Democracy.”— Morris Childs, State Secretary of the Communist Party.
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