Mickenberg, Morris.


Mickenberg, Morris. (Morris Maken); b. December 1, 1908, New York; Jewish; Single; Stage Manager and Printer; CP 1935, education director; Received Passport# 368288 on January 7, 1937 which listed his address as 1067 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York; 29 years old; Sailed January 16, 1937 aboard the Paris; Arrived in Spain on January 20, 1937; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN, Co. 2, Section 2, Group 3, Adjutant; Post Pingaron Co. 1; During the Ebro served in the Lincoln-Washington BN, Plana Mayor; Rank Soldado; Served at Jarama, Brunete, and the Ebro Offensive; Returned to the US on December 20, 1938 aboard the Ausonia; Post-war, along with William Herrick and Robert Gladnick, attempted to form Veterans of the International Brigades Anti Totalitarian which resulted in his expulsion from VALB; WWII Armed Forces; d. March 14, 1960, NYC, buried in Long Island National Cemetery, East Farmingdale, Suffolk County, New York.
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Photograph: Morris Mickenberg, Still from With The Abraham Lincoln Brigade in Spain.