Sennett, Morris.


Sennett, Maurice Reed. (birth name Maurice Royal Snetzky Sennett; Sinnet); b. March 9, 1913, Chicago, Illinois; Russian American; Jewish; Father David Snetzsky Sennett (1883-1969), mother Sarah Sennett (1884-1946); Married Helen E. Sennett on April 28, 1933, in Chicago, Illinois; Driver; YCL and CP 1931; YCL organizer; Domicile 5256 Prelil? Avenue, Chicago, Illinois; Arrived in Spain on April 2, 1937; Served with the Regiment de Tren; Returned to the US on April 1, 1938 aboard the Washington (under the name Snetsky); Divorced Helen E. Sennett on September 25, 1984; Married Dorthy Christie (1915-?) on January 19, 1985; d. March 23, 1994, Desert Hot Springs, Riverside County, California. Brother of William Sennett.
Sibling: brother Sol Snesetzky (1906-?), Leo B. Sennett (1908-1984), William Sennett (1914-2003), Charles Gerald, sister Bessie Sennett (1920-?). 
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