Levin, Nathan Milton.


Levin, Nathan Milton. b. June 20, 1915, Peabody, Massachusetts; Parents Samuel Levin (1882-1959), Harried “Hattie” Koch (1894-1983); Deserter; Single; Unemployed salesman; CP; Received Passport# 3982 Boston series on January 4, 1937 which listed his address as 53 Shepart Street, and 66 Vine Street, both Lynn, Massachusetts; 26 years old; Sailed January 8, 1937 aboard the Champlain; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN, February 15, 1937-March 2, 1937; On March 3, 1937 he left the Jarama Front and arrived at the American Consulate the following day with Abraham Eisenberg. He left the Consulate with Eisenberg on March 11, 1937 in an attempt to reach French territory through Barcelona was in Paris when he decided to return to Spain; to 14th Battery, 2nd Grupo, Artillery June 10, 1937-February 20, 1938; to Albacete Auto Park, February 25, 1938-March 15, 1938; XI BDE, Auto Tren March 16, 1938-October 5, 1938; Served at Jarama, Extramadura, Toledo, Aragon, Ebro Offensive; WIA April 15, 1937; Returned to the US on December 15, 1938 aboard the Paris; WW II US Army, enlisted April 4, 1941; d. July 4, 1962, in Angle Sea, New York [unconfirmed].
Sibling: sister Ruth Levin (1919-2005), brothers Milton Levin (1917-1993), David Levin (1923-2009), and Paul Levin (1935-?).
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