Conomos, Nicholas Michael.


Conomos, Nicholas Michael. (ΜΕΓΑΛΟΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΟΥ, N.; Cosmos, Nicholas; Megaloikonomou, N.); b. November 29, 1893, Piraes, Greece; Greek American; Prior military service in WWI with the Greek Army; Single; Waiter; CP 1933 (1934), Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union; Domicile New Kensington, Pennsylvania; Was a member of the "N. Kountourakis" association; Domicile 512 Arik Street, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; Sailed June 5, 1937 aboard the Lancastria; Arrived in Spain via Setcases on June 26, 1937; Served with the XV BDE, Dimitrov BN from July 20, 1937; Later transferred to the Lincoln-Washington BN, Co. 3; Served at Brunete and Belchite; WIA July in thigh and paralyzed, in Hospitals in Madrid, Vich, Mataro, and Saguro; Returned to the US on April 9, 1939 aboard the President Harding; In 1940 he was in the Manhattan State Mental Hospital; d. January 19, 1946.
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