Fusari, Pietro.


Fusari, Pietro b. January 24, 1894, Corteolona, Province of Pavia, Italy; To the US after 1928; Italian American; Father Pietro Fusari; Single; Cook and Laborer; Anarchist; In 1920 in Italy he participated actively in the occupation of factories; The following year he was arrested following the famous bombing at the Theater Diana in Milan, but was released for lack of evidence; In 1928 was still in Italy; To Spain March 1937; Served with the Garibaldi Battalion and Brigade; Returned to the US as a stowaway on September 21, 1938 aboard the Normandie; Denied entry and held at Ellis Island; He left the US for Cuba in order to reapply for entry aboard the SS Oriente on February 1, 1939; He returned to the US and was re-admitted on April 15, 1939; He married Palmira Testa in 1942 and received his citizenship through her; She was a US citizen from a prior marriage in 1915; Fusari later returned to Italy; d. February 19, 1973, Mombercelli, Asti, Italy.
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