Taylor, Robert Munson.


Taylor, Robert Munson. b. May 10, 1915, Boston, Massachusetts; ROTC and Citizen’s Military Training Camp; Single; CP 1936; Received Passport# 780429 which listed his address as 11 Melrose Street, Boston, Massachusetts; Sailed January 16, 1937 aboard the Paris; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN, Co. 2, Section 1, Section Leader; WIA Jarama, reported dead in error, was in a coma for three days; Returned to the Lincoln BN, Co. 1 later BN Estado Mayor; Repatriated Demoralized; Returned to the US on August 20, 1937 aboard the Paris; Married Edna Marks (b. 1915) a Canadian in 1940; d. March 13, 1991, Royal Oak, Oakland, Michigan.
Sources: Lincoln; Voros-Jarama; RGASPI Fond 545, Opis 6, Delo 849, ll 27, List of American Comrades that have been Repatriated as per October 15 1937; Opis 6, Delo 999, ll. 40 (ver arch gen amer); ALBA 110 Robert Taylor Papers; Good Fight C; L-W Tree Ancestry. Code A