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k-Roldán Lasús, Norberto de Jesús b. June 6, 1903, Yabucóa, Puerto Rico; Puerto Rican; Father Juan Marcelino Roldán, from the town of Gurabo, Puerto Rico, Mother María Josefa Lasús, from the town of Yabucoa, Puerto Rico; Grew up in Cuba later moved to NYC; Prior military service in the New York National Guard, 1933-1935, Rank Private; Single; Driver & Factory Worker; Domicile 116 E 108th Street, NYC; CP 1931, Club Julio Mella; Sailed January 6, 1937, aboard the Normandie; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln BN, rank Sargento; WIA February 16, 1937, Jarama; Declared fit only for rear work; Served as an Interpreter at Morata de Tajuna Base, Cuartel Central Brigades Internacionales, Compania de Guardia de Cuartel Central; Attended the Political Commissar school in Pozo Rubio; Transferred to Albacete Auto Park as a Sergeant; Killed in action July 28, 1938, near Gandesa, Ebro Offensive.
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