Franchini, Rudolph.


Franchini, Rodolfo (Rodolfo Franchini); b. April 15, 1886, Ponte a Moriani, Province of Lodi, Italy, To the US at unspecified date; Italian American; father Isidoro Franchini; Furier; Communist; In 1934 he carried out intense political activity in the United States; Domicile NYC; To Spain February 1937; Served with the Garibaldi Battalion, Rank Teniente; Served at Arganda, Guadalajara; Huesca, and Brunete; Wounded in action; After recovering he joined the Garibaldi brigade; Wounded in action at Villanueva del Pardillo he lost his arm and leg; Wounded five times lost his left leg up to his hip due to wounds suffered at Brunete; Returned to the US on October 23, 1938 aboard the Britannic; Was held at Ellis Island after his arrival; d. July 1978, Italy.
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Photograph: Daily Worker.