Kaplan, Sam.


k-Kaplan, Sam 29 years old; Received Passport# 449-932 on June 23, 1937 which listed his address as 603 Thatford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York; Sailed July 3, 1937 aboard the De Grasse; Arrived in Spain via Setcases on July 18, 1937; Served with the XV BDE, British Battalion; Killed in action October 13, 1937, Fuentes de Ebro.
Source: Scope of Soviet Activity; Americans and Canadians Killed in Spain Complete list to November 15, 1937; Figueres List; USSDA 2:0670, 56:0247 (USSDA indicates he may have deserted in Spain).
“With His Own Body He Shielded Me . . .” by John Patterson, No. 1 Company, British Battalion, 15th Brigade, The Volunteer for Liberty, Vol. 2, Special 15, April 9, 1938, p. 3., reprint The Volunteer Blog, posted November 30, 2019