Brenner, Samuel Stone.


Brenner, Samuel Stone b. June 30, 1894, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Jewish; Pilot; Served in WWI, US Army, PFC; Arrived in Spain on December 25, 1936; Served with the Republican Airforce, Pilot Candidate; Ended up working as a gunner/mechanic with Breguet bombers; Returned to the US on March 2, 1937 aboard the Berengaria; d. April 7 (8), 1971, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, buried in Gettysburg National Cemetery, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Source: USSDA 2:0424, 53:0061; John Carver Edwards, Airmen Without Portfolio, Westport, Connecticut: Praeger, 1997; Ancestry L-W Tree; Find-a-Grave# 58531301. Code A