Shostek, Sidney.


k-Shostek, Sidney. (Shostack); b. December 14, 1913, Newark, New Jersey; Jewish; Father Saul Shostek (1888-1963), mother Bessie (Beila) Rubin Shostek (1883-1967); Single; Clerk; CP Functionary and Teamster; CP and YCL; Received Passport# 358508 on December 23, 1936 which listed his address as 1121 Orren Street NE, Washington, District of Columbia; 25 years old; Sailed May 1, 1937 aboard the Statendam; Served with the XV Brigade, Estado Mayor, Aide to Major Robert Merriman; Killed in action September 6, 1937, Belchite.
Siblings: brother Robert J. Shostek (1914-1979), sister Sylvia Shostek (1914-2012).
Sources: Scope of Soviet Activity; RGASPI; USSDA; L-W Tree Ancestry.
Photographs: Sidney Shostek. Passport Photograph 1936, and Photograph from Daily Worker.