Kaiser, Spartaco.


Kaiser, Spartaco (Kaisear); b. January 14, 1908, Trieste, (Austria) Italy, to US unspecified date; South Slav; Father Rodolfo Kaiser; Elementary school education; Seaman and Plasterer; CP 1929; Arrived in Spain on March 17, 1937; In April 1937 joined the Garibaldi Brigade, 2nd BN, Co. 3, later to the artillery battery Gamsci; Final unit Chapiev BN, anti-tank battery; Wounded in action June 16, 1937 on the Huesca front; Later with 13th Corps, 1st BDE as a partisan; Left Spain with the remains of the International Brigades and confined in Argelès-Sur-Mer; He later returned to Venezia Giulia and joined the Yugoslav partisan forces as part of the XIII Corps, Primoska Brigade.
Source: RGASPI; Italian; South Slav; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore; American Volunteers Born in Trieste, From Appendix F in John Peter Kraljic’s The Croatian Community In North America and the Spanish Civil War.