Giordano, Stefano.


Giordano, Stefano (Giodano); b. December 3, 1899, West Hoboken, New York; Italian American; Father Giuseppe Giordano; Returned to Italy; Tableware Maker; Domicile Albisola, Province of Savona; CP; An active antifascist in the immediate post WWI period; In 1921 he was arrested for the "attempted murder" of a fascist, but in 1923 he was acquitted; Expatriated clandestinely to France, exile in Paris; In Spain he enlisted in the Garibaldi Battalion, 1st BN, Runner and Sergeant Quartermaster; Returned to France in October 1938, later deported back to Italy where he was sentenced to five years of internal exile; American by birth.
Sources: RGASPI; CPC; Italian; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore.