Blair, Vachel Lindsay.


Blair, Vachel Lindsay b. March 3, 1915, Cleveland, Ohio; Attended Western Reserve University in Cleveland; Single; No Party; Received Passport# 368138 in February 1937 which listed his address as 3628 Woodburry Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio, and Cleveland, Ohio; Sailed March 10, 1938 aboard the Washington; Arrested in France with Dallet Nelson group, after release crossed into Spain; Deserted along with James Doyle, Robert Brady and Hamilton Alden Tyler; Returned to the US on September 2, 1938 as a stowaway aboard the President Harding; d. March 1, 1999, NYC.
Source: Sail; Scope of Soviet Activity; RGASPI F. 545, Opis 2, Delo xx; USSDA 2:0413, 52:0931; (obituary note died in 1999) The Volunteer, Volume 22, No. 1, Winter 2000, p. 19; Ancestry L-W Tree. Code A
Photograph: Vachel Lindsay Blair, clipping.