Ihalainen, Vaino Armas.


Ihalainen, Vaino Armas (Eino Ihalainen), b. December 5, 1910, Finland; Finnish; Seaman (1928); Domicile Spencer, New York; Served with the XV IB, Washington BN, MG Co.; Lincoln-Washington BN, MG Co., Brunete; Transferred to English BN, MG Co.; Later back to Lincoln-Washington BN, MG Co.; Returned to the US as a stowaway aboard the Thorpe Bay; WWII US Army; Wrote pamphlet Battle of Quinto.
Source: K. E. Heikkinen, ed., Meidän Poikamme Espanjassa (Our Boys in Spain), Finnish Workers Federation, USA, Inc., 1939, translated by Matti A. Mattson.
Photograph: Vaino Ihalainen. Meidän Poikamme Espanjassa (Our Boys in Spain).