Selby, Vernon Romayne.


k-Selby, Vernon Romayne. b. November 17, 1902, Rock Hall, Maryland; Father Dr. Walter O, Selby (1862-1933), mother Mary Augusta Strong (1872-1958); Graduated from the Severn School in 1922, Severn School was founded as a preparatory school for the Naval Academy; Attended the US Military Academy, West Point, was accepted in 1922, left due to sports injuries; Single; Civil Engineer; CP; Received Passport# 477032 on September 20, 1937 which listed his address as Chesterton, Maryland; Sailed September 25, 1937 aboard the Laconia; Arrived in Spain via Massanet on October 8, 1937; Served with the XV Brigade, Brigade Scouts, Lincoln-Washington Battalion, chief of scouts; Rank Soldado; March 16, 1938 attempted to get a ride to Benicasim without papers, accused of desertion and bad conduct, turned over to the XV BDE on March 22, 1938; Brought to front with disciplinary prisoners and rejoined BN; Reported MIA Retreats, Gandesa with note "marcho delante Batallon para exploracion - en Gandesa", KIA April 1938, Gandesa, during the Retreats; Family erected a memorial gravestone at Saint Pauls Kent Churchyard, Chestertown, Kent County, Maryland.  USSDA a letter from veteran Lawrence McCullough who wrote that  
"Vernon passed away quietly in a hospital in Barcelona about April 5 or 7 1938. Believe me, Mrs. Selby, I feel it even yet above all others, as he was my best friend and about the only one I care to remember from Spain. We were Battalion observers during the winter of 1937-1938. He let me read one of your letters in which you wrote how proud you were of him after hearing him spoken of so well over the radio. He spoke often of his West Point days and of his work in Central America. He came to Spain not for adventure, but as a peaceful engineer. But the hard life and wartime discomforts weakened him. I do hope I am doing the right thing in letting you know for sure and not keep you in suspense. We all miss Vernon and I always will. I learned a lot from him.”
  Severn School lists Selby among it list of alumni who made the ultimate sacrifice.
Siblings: brothers Owen T. Selby (1900-1960), Orvin S. Selby (1900-?).
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Photographs: Vernon Romayne Selby, Passport Photograph, 1937; and the United States Military Academy at West Point.