Schmidt, Vincent Minor.


Schmidt, Vincent Minor. b. July 2 (9), 1898, McKeesport, Pennsylvania; Pilot; WWI, 13th Field Artillery, and 327th Field Artillery, 3rd Battalion, 1st Group, June 9, 1917 to September 12, 1918, Rank 1st LT; Republican Air Force; Flew Bombers and ferried aircraft from France; WWII Flew in the 14th Volunteer Squadron in China in 1938, Served in an international squadron in Finland during the Winter War 1939-40; Returned to the US on February 10, 1941 aboard the Excalibur; d. October 20, 1962, Paris; buried in the American Legion Plot, New Neuilly Cemetery, Paris, France.
Sources: John Carver Edwards, Airmen Without Portfolio, Westport, Connecticut: Praeger, 1997.