Badarello, Vincenzo Carlo.


Badarello, Vincenzo Carlo b. May 5, 1894, Incisa Belbo (previously called Incisa Scappacino), Asti, Italy; To the US in 1918 (1920), not a citizen; Italian American; father Giovanni Badarello, mother Teresa (Tornato) Badarello; Engraver and Kitchenman; CP November 1937; Domicile NYC; To Spain November 1937; Served in the IB; French Concentration camp Ageles sur Mer; Returned to the US on January 8, 1940 aboard the DeGrasse; d. June 28, 1984, buried in Potter’s Field, Hart Island, Bronx, New York.
Source: RGASPI; CPC, PS, Italian; La Spagna Nel Nostro Cuore; L-W Tree Ancestry; Find-A-Grave# 109841063.