Gunderman, Walter.


Gunderman, Walter (Gunderson); b. December 23, 1905, Jersey City, New Jersey; Father William Gunderman (1867-?), mother Lillie Gunderman (1875-?); Seaman (NMU 1937); Traveled on Seaman’s certificate; Domicile 349 Kingsland Avenue, Lindhurst, New Jersey; Arrived in Spain via Massanet on November 27. 1937; Trained Tarazona December 1937 to February 1938; Served with the XV BDE, Lincoln-Washington BN, Co. 1, Co. 2 and later with the MG Co.; Rank Soldado; Hospital Casa Rojo, due to hernia February 28 to May 4, 1938; April 27, 1938 was punished for going AWOL (desertion) and sentenced to a labor Battalion; Returned to the US on December 31, 1938 aboard the President Harding.
Sources: Scope of Soviet Activity; Figueres List; Pay; RGASPI Fond 545, Opis 6, Delo 904, ll. 11-15.
Photographs: Walter Gunderman from his 1931 and below 1924 Seaman’s Certificate of Identity, L-W Tree Ancestry.