Fitzsimmons, William G. Ryan.


Fitzsimmons, William G. Ryan (Fitz Ramsay), b. June 25, 1895, Dundee, District of St. Clemments, Scotland; Scottish American; Possible prior military service in US Marines before WWI; Married; Cook; Domicile Chicago, Illinois, 41 yrs. old, Served with the XV BDE, British BN (?);Carmody notes a Fitzsimmons, William Ramsay, Scottish born, and had lived in the US, left for Spain from London, repatriated from Spain to UK on September 7, 1937 by medical commission; Family believed he was killed in action at Brunete.
Sources: Carmody information; Letter from Spain June 27, 1937; Family believed he was kia in Spain at Brunete.