Fitzsimmons, William G. Ryan.


Fitzsimmons, William G. Ryan (Fitz Ramsay), b. June 25, 1895, Dundee, District of St. Clemments, Scotland; Scottish American; Possible prior military service in US Marines before WWI; Married; Cook; Domicile Chicago, Illinois, 41 yrs. old, Served with the XV BDE, British BN (?), Carmody notes a Fitzsimmons, William Ramsay, Scottish born, and had lived in the US, left for Spain from London, repatriated from Spain to UK on September 7, 1937 by medical commission, family believed he was killed in action at Brunete.
Sources: Carmody information; Letter from Spain June 27, 1937; Family believed he was kia in Spain at Brunete.