Cantor, William Harris.


Cantor, William Harris (Canto); b. July 5, 1916, New York, New York (January 4, 1916, Brooklyn, NY); father Hyman Cantor (1884-1958), mother Ida Nachamovitz (1891-1947); Attended college for 1 year; Prior military service in the USMC Reserve 1 and 1/2 years; Single; Clerk and Seaman; YCL 1937; Sailed April 28, 1937 aboard the Aquitania; Arrived in Spain on May 30, 1937 after surviving the sinking of the City of Barcelona; Served with the XV BDE, Washington BN, Co. 3, Section 3; Mackenzie-Papineau BN appears to have been sent to the front as a replacement for Lincoln-Washington BN; Distinguished service at Quinto; Noted as after Belchite he deserted going to Barcelona for 10 days, then reported voluntarily to the IB delegation and returned to XV BDE under guard, considered fairly well rehabilitated but weak character and morale, fair work at Brigade since then; Wounded in leg and recently returned from hospital as of January 1938; Later deserted with a second volunteer and stowed away on a British ship; Married Francs Colow (1919-1998) sister of veteran Maury Colow, children Michael Cantor (1939-1994), and Alan Cantor (1944-2008); WW II Seaman; d. December 3, 1959, Brooklyn, NY, buried in New Montefiore Cemetery.
Siblings: brothers Nathan Cantor (1914-1990), Israel Cantor (1919-2009), and Jacob Cantor (1923-2013). Source: Cadre; Mac-Paps; Washington; RGASPI Fond 545, Opis 6, Delo 849, ll. 2, Special List for Personnel Service, I. Political Suspect and Bad Element List, January 16, 1938; USSDA 2:0435, 53:0142; L-W Tree Ancestry; Find-a-Grave #149186142 [dob and pob are not a match on the seaman’s application – confirm date.] Code A
Photographs: Abe Osheroff and William Cantor. Courtesy Abe Osheroff; and below probable Seaman's Protection Certificate.