Smith, William Poultney, Jr..


Smith, William Poultney, Jr. b. February 3, 1915, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Married; Driver and Dispatcher; CP 1936; Received Passport# 6889, New York series, on December 22, 1936 which listed his address as 9 East 10th Street, NYC (428 Lafayette Street, NYC); Sailed February 20, 1937 aboard the Importer; Arrived in Spain on March 7, 1937; Served with the Transport on Cordoba Front, evacuated due to dysentery; Transferred to XV Brigade, Lincoln Battalion, May 27, 1937; Shell Shock at Brunete; September 25, assigned to Albacete Auto Park, assigned as the driver to Lawrence; November 5, 1937 transferred to the Group of Repatriation at Tarazona; Moved to Villa Maruja December 23, 1937-December 23, 1937; WIA April 26, 1937 Cordoba and July 12, 1937 at Brunete; Deserted from Las Presses on May 5, 1938; Returned to the US on May 26, 1938 as a stowaway aboard the Washington.
Sources: Sail; Scope of Soviet Activity; Cadre; Americans; Lincoln; RGASPI Fond 545, Opis 6, Delo 991, ll. 105-107.