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Yepes Valentín, Victor Manuel b. January 30, 1912, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico; Puerto Rican; Father Nicolas Yepes Otero, mother Carmen Valentín; He went to Spain in 1934 to attend college; Engineering Student in Barcelona, arrived in 1934; Domicile 11 de Agosto, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and Barcelona; Joined the Republican Popular Army in February 1937, Served with the XII Corps, 44th Division, 143rd Mixed Brigade, Engineer (Zapadores) Battalion, Rank Teniente; Served at Fuentes de Ebro, Retreats, Ebro, and defense of Barcelona; Retreated across the French border in January 1939; Interred in the French concentration camp of Arglés sur Mer; Returned March 30, 1939, aboard the Manhattan; Lived in NYC for a year and later moved to Mexico; d. March 31, 1961, in a car accident in Cuernavaca, Mexico.
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