Primary Source Material from ALBA’s Institute Binder

  • Excerpt from interview with Evelyn Hutchins, conducted by Yale sociologist John Dollard in 1942 (doc)
  • Letter from Hyman Katz to his mother (doc)
  • Letter from Carl Geiser to his brother (doc)
  • Letter from James Lardner to his mother (doc)
  • Letter from Bunny Rucker (doc)
  • Letter from Slippery Sliwon to Samuel (doc)
  • Letter from Canute Frankson (doc)
  • Letter from Martha Gellhorn to Eleanor Roosevelt (doc)
  • Letter from John Lucid (doc)
  • Father Charles Coughlin, “Persecution–Jewish and Christian.” Nov. 20, 1938. (pdf)
  • Article by Jay Allen on French refugee camps (1939) (pdf)
  • Article by Alvah Bessie on the murder of French writers (New Masses, 1942) (pdf)
  • Article by Henry Wallace, “The Danger of American Fascism” (1944) (pdf)
  • Article by Henry L. Stimson, “The Nuremberg Trial: Landmark in Law” (1947) (pdf)
  • Testimony by Crawford Morgan before the Subversive Activities Control Bord (1954) (pdf)
  • Article by Robert Colodny, “Spain and Vietnam” (1967) (pdf)
  • Poem by Ray Durem and FBI file snapshot (published posthumously, 1964) (pdf). Links to full FBI file (Internet Archive, WUSTL).
  • Article on American Anarchists in Syria (2017) (pdf)

Letters used in lesson plans

Lesson Plan-Related Resources