These video tributes were generously produced by descendants of International Brigade veterans at the invitation of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives. Interested in contributing? See here for more information.

Tribute to: Vicente Sanchis Amades Tribute to: Bill Susman Tribute to: Alvah Bessie
Video by: Dean Burrier Sanchis Video by: Rebecca and Sasha Susman Video by: Adam Bessie
Tribute to: Sam Levinger Tribute to: Bill Susman Tribute to: Joseph Isaac Siegel
Video by: Laurie Levinger Video by: Janak Ramakrishnan and Shantha Susman Video by: Isabel Halpern
Tribute to: Max Parker Tribute to: Harry Finkenberg Tribute to: Ed Balchowsky
Video by: Max Bennett-Parker Video by: Josh Finkenberg Video by: Jeff Balch
Tribute to: Morris Tobman Tribute to: Carl Geiser Tribute to: Morris Tobman
Video by: Michael Tobman Video by: Nell Geiser Video by: Mara Lee Grayson
Tribute to: Paolino Sarti Tribute to: Harry Fisher Tribute to: George Hendrickson
Video by: Doug Sarti Video by: Rachel Ithen Video by: Kate Hendrickson
Tribute to: Joseph Isaac Siegel Tribute to: Harry Klieman Tribute to: Rubin Schechter
Video by: Max Halpern Video by: Brendan Broms Video by: Rich Rothman
Tribute to: Harry Nobel Tribute to: Leonard Olson Tribute to: Robert Klonsky
Video by: Rich Rothman Video by: Leah A Hassett Video by: Jessica & Leigh Klonsky